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How Symbiotic Colours came about

A few years ago I was doing an art project and I wanted all the materials in my work to be natural. That is when I realized that there were no accessible ecological alternatives and decided to embark on a research process. 

Along the way of experimentation, I discovered a new passion: making colours with my hands and with the ingredients that nature offers me, in the most respectful way that I am capable of.

Discover these colours; these treasures transformed for you to enjoy and continue expanding your creativity.

Silvia Cored
Founder of Symbiotic Colours

Silvia is a multidisciplinary artist based in Huesca, Spain.

She studied Fine Arts (UPV/EHU, Basque Country), Environmental Education and Ecological Ethics (DESEEEA, UPV, Valencia) and Integral Yoga (Yoga Alliance 500h, India).

Silvia is a multidisciplinary artist who explores biological interconnectivity, symbiotic relationships, and human psychology, developing collaborative works, interactive exhibitions, immersive design, and scenography. ​


Using different media -always investigating natural and local materials- she combines disciplines such as painting, natural dyeing, ceramics, photography, video or performance. ​ Silvia combines knowledge brought from biology, ecological ethics, or oriental philosophy to open up transcendental questions, and translate them into a tactile, accessible and plastic language. ​

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