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In this section you can enjoy the research work we carry out at Symbiotic Colors. The goal is to keep curiosity alive and continually expand the data and knowledge acquired to generate synergies between color enthusiasts from all over the world.


Between the years 2021 and 2023 I carried out a study on the natural colors of the Province of Huesca and their different uses. As you can see, the map is not yet complete so it is an ongoing investigation.

Earth is a material that I am passionate about, both for its beauty and for its tonal diversity. The further we go to observe the landscapes, the more we marvel at the enormous variety and nuances they give us. Mineral colors are those that our ancestors used since the beginning of humanity, with which they painted their bodies, their clothing and their caves. Connecting with the land that surrounds you is an invitation to communicate with the space you inhabit, which generates a feeling of union that transcends the merely human sense.

Furthermore, soil has multiple uses and it is an accessible and healthy material. We can use soil and be sure that our project is completely harmless to the environment. Of course, the foraging must be responsible, we will only take the amount that we are going to use so as not to affect or distort the ecosystem which we have grabbed it from.

The research consists of several sections: painting, textile art, ceramics and wood, all of them  were developed using 24 mineral pigments I collected in the province of Huesca. In the first image you can see the 24 pigments mixed with egg tempera and distributed within the geographical areas they were collected from. In the second image you can find dyeing tests on cotton fiber with different fixatives and dyeing procedures. In the third image, a rainbow of dry clay pieces without bisque.

I will expand this section in more detail soon.

If you want to know more about the research, do not hesitate to contact me.



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