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An annual cycle accompanied by natural dyes and seasonal fruits

Project in collaboration with Autismo Huesca.

A few months ago I was collaborating with Autism Huesca, in their Creativity and Design workshops.

In the different sessions, we investigated the colors, their symbolism in different cultures, and the origin of the main colors in nature, to finally create compositions combining natural dyeing with minerals and plants and drawing


It was a collaborative process, where in this case, the instructor provided a workspace and proposed various topics, but the participants were the ones who decided on the designs, made the main decisions, and created the artistic compositions with their hands and hearts.

People with autism have shown me that they are truly unique. They cannot - nor should they - be pigeonholed into a pattern of behavior or thought. Each one has a genuine perception of reality, which broadens our vision, inspires us from its prism, and makes us leave our neurotypical mind.

There is no single formula, but rather a multiplicity of points of view, and the conjunction of all of them is what we call life.

The funds obtained from this 2023 calendar were allocated entirely to Autismo Huesca.

Below I share all the images produced:

Hope you like them.

Big hug,


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