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Chromatographies of the Self, an introspective and philosophical exercise

Updated: Jan 1

In recent months I have been developing a project called Chromatographies of the Self, in which I have combined my research on mineral pigments from the province of Huesca and a conceptual artwork.

Chromatography is a test that allows us to see, on a paper medium, what is the interaction between

minerals, organic matter, and microorganisms of a specific soil and thus check its health.

Today in Permaculture we understand soils as ecosystems themselves, which has

caused incredible alterations when working in the fields. Relationships are now prioritized and the

symbiotic characteristics of the organisms that live in it, which means that a rich ecosystem is synonymous with healthy and fertile soils.

The Natives of North America believe that a person becomes physically and mentally ill

because she/he doesn't see how she/he fits into the great structure of things; if she/he loses spiritual orientation in the world (1).

So I intend to use, on a metaphorical level, the chromatographic test in humans, to

reveal what there is, since only by looking at ''the truth'' straight can we trigger a transformation

towards a worldview of union with other forms of life.

Human Chromatographies are a very visual way to recognize how we are and what we should

observe and transform so that we find relationships of health and harmony with ourselves and

with the planet. If we understand the interdependence of factors, our actions will be different.

''In the observation of disorder is the awakening of intelligence, not in the effort to produce


Jiddu Krishnamurti

(1) NASH G., CHILDREN G.(2008) The Archaeology of Semiotics and the Social Order of Things, Ed.

Archaeopress, Oxford, Inglaterra. Capítulo 12: Sacred Landscapes, Sacred Seasons: A Jungian

Ecopsychological Perspective, D. L. Merritt.

This weekend I was lucky enough to share this workshop format with the students of the MHESTE, Master in Ecological Humanities, Sustainability and Ecosocial Transition.

I feel very grateful and amplified after having spent these hours with an incredible group of people, coming from different places on the peninsula, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and France.

Only on some occasions does it coincide that absolutely all people have an open heart, care for others, and create spaces of security. This occasion has been one of these causalities.

Apart from enjoying Carlos Buj's new space (Ecotopias), we have self-managed activities such as Backcasting theater, Reconnecting dynamics, a Human Chromatography workshop, Public Speaking techniques, and of course, music, walks, and project exchange.


Vídeo: Helena Blankenstein


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