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Negro / Black / Schwarz / Negre / Beltza / Preto / Noir / чорний / ブラック / Nyeusi / Nigreos / Xар

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Color or no color.

The total absence of light would be the equivalent of pure black, say the physicists, a tone that we can only theorize. The ink of the sky in the deep night, through whose pores giants of clear light appear.

Synonymous of the great endless void. The immense darkness that one day we inhabited cautiously, on alert, fearing any stalking of lions, bears and wolves.

Color of death. Color of Vishnu, of Yang, of Anubis, of Nyx, of Lalla Aicha and Mecca, of the swallow, of bitumen.

In Samkhya philosophy, this color is associated with Tamas, one of the principles that make up Prakiti, or the material nature. Described as ignorance, passivity, neglection and apathy. Heaviness and density. It is the densest state of the form, it is the mind identified with the body to a point that does not register pain.

For me it has always been the color of humus, of the most fertile land; the land that, in the process of decomposition, welcomes death to turn it into life, witness of the most mysterious event. The disorder necessary for the appearance of life. 

We obtain this color from the soil rich in carbon, from coal, from soot, from oak galls, from silt, among others.

Black soil gathered in the Spanish province of Huesca.

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